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7 things that make a woman miss her mother after getting married

Needless to say, marriage is a life-changing decision for everyone. And let’s be honest—things get a little more challenging for a woman who move out from the comfort of her home and needs to adjust to the ways of a new family. For a newly married woman, this new phase of life is full of excitement and surprises. However, there will also be moments that will make her miss her parents, especially her mother. Here are a few such instances, which will remind any married woman of the good times she spent with her mother.

​Her food

2/8​Her food

No matter how good you or your in-laws cook, nothing can replace the delicacies cooked by your mother. Your taste buds are addicted to the food cooked by her and you realise that only when no longer enjoy the liberty to taste her food every day. You even start missing the dishes cooked by her that once you hated and now, you just want to rush back home and binge on them.

​When you cannot find your things

3/8​When you cannot find your things

Earlier, whenever you struggled to find your favourite tee or a lipstick all you needed was to call your mother for help. She, somehow, knew where it would be and bring it to you within a few minutes. Maybe, all mothers have a magic wand that helps to locate the misplaced things! But after marriage, you are responsible for your own things and cannot expect anyone to help you find the articles in case those went missing.

​When you fall sick

4/8​When you fall sick

Well, your in-laws and husband would care for you when you fall sick but can anyone replace your mother’s care and concern? A big NO! With your mother around, you never need to move a finger when . you are sick. She knows what you need—be it a bowl of warm soup to nurse your fading appetite or a comforting hand over your throbbing head. None can have a mother’s expertise

​When you wake up to the sound of a screaming alarm

5/8​When you wake up to the sound of a screaming alarm

You miss the days when you used to be woken up by your mother’s urgent voice. As you wake up to the noise of a screeching alarm, you would fondly remember those days when you used to request your mother to let you sleep for five more minutes. Huh, how life changes!

​Oh, those tantrums

6/8​Oh, those tantrums

You can no longer ask anyone to cook your favourite snack whenever you have a craving, demand to accompany you on shopping sprees or instant movie plans, listen to your mindless gossips, wake you up with that perfect cup of tea or give you a head massage after returning home tired from office. You soon realise only a mother can cater to her child’s constant demands with a smug smile.

​When you have to manage everything yourself

7/8​When you have to manage everything yourself

Marriage demands you to become a responsible and mature partner. From buying groceries to toiletries, entertaining guests to taking care of other family members, you manage an entire household (and family). That makes you wonder how your mother did it without complaining all these years.

​When you have a bad day

8/8​When you have a bad day

There are days when things do not turn out as you expected and you feel gloomy. You want to leave everything behind and run to your mother for a warm hug. You know your world would brighten up the moment you are in her arms and there is nothing more you can ask for. But thanks to technology, you know she is just a call away!

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