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Argentina vs Croatia Live Streaming FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Score: Argentina 0-1 Croatia in 2nd half

Argentina vs Croatia Live Streaming FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Score: ARG vs CRO Live Football Score World Cup 2018.

Argentina vs Croatia Live Football Score FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Streaming: Argentina were harrowed and harassed to a 1-1 draw by a determined Iceland in their opening match of this World Cup. On the other hand, Croatia pulled off a rather straightforward 2-0 win against Nigeria to go top of the Group D table, despite putting up a sterile performance. Argentina’s World Cup finals campaign turning out to be pretty similar to their qualification in the sense that, they face a genuine possibility of being knocked out in the very first round if they don’t manage a win here. Croatia will also know that the performance they put up in their first match would make them vulnerable here as their opponents do possess a number of players who can change the match on their own when given the chance.

01:03 (IST)22 JUN 2018
72 mins

Dybala looks to cut in from the left and attempts a curler that goes over. Moments later, he crosses from the right but that has got way too much on it. Even if it was a good cross, it Messi in the box and not Higuain. Just before all that, Argentina almost gifted a second goal to Croatia through some astonishing lack of co ordination in defence

00:57 (IST)22 JUN 2018
68 mins

Jorge Sampaoli FINALLY brings on Paulo Dybala. Before that, Croatia nearly double their lead when Rakitic passes it to Mandzukic from the right. Mandzukic takes a shot at the near post and that hits the side netting. 

00:53 (IST)22 JUN 2018
63 mins, Argentina chance!

An almighty scrum after Higuain pulls back from the left, Meza is in the clear but his shot at the near post is straight at the keeper, it rebounds, Meza lays it off for Messi somewhat but Subosic kicks it out. Otamendi heads the ball over from the resulting corner. Meanwhile, here is the goalkeeping move of the tournament.

00:51 (IST)22 JUN 2018
62 mins

Argentina replace Aguero with Higuain. They are trying to do whatever they can but Croatia have shored up their defence. Messi tries to wriggle into space all by himself and skips past a couple of players before going down inside the box. No penalties.

00:44 (IST)22 JUN 2018
GOAL! HOWLER FROM CABALLERO, Argentina 0-1 Croatia (Rebic 53 mins)

Think Loris Karius was bad in the Champions League final? Willy Caballero has just upstaged him. A regulation back pass to the goalkeeper and Caballero tries to chip a pass wide to Mercado. Instead he chips it straight to Rebic who is standing in front of him in the box. Rebic volleys it first time and the ball crashes into goal. Caballero almost did something of this sort in the first half. This is just bizarre from Argentina. 

00:41 (IST)22 JUN 2018
49 mins

First real chance of the match for Argentina when Tagliafico plays Aguero in but his shot is straight at the goalkeeper. 

00:23 (IST)22 JUN 2018
HALF TIME! Argentina 0-0 Croatia

Argentina have been woeful. They have not able to get their attacks right, they are making blunders in defence. It is a wonder how they haven’t conceded yet and despite this being a team consisting of Messi and Aguero with the likes of Di Maria, Higuain and Dybala on the bench, it really doesn’t look like Argentina can score a single goal if they continue this way. Messi has done nothing and he seems to be more concerned with imitating famous works of art. Here is him doing an impersonation of Adam from the famous Michelangelo fresco “The Creation of Adam.”

Messi the First Man? (Source: AP)
00:19 (IST)22 JUN 2018
45 mins

Modric with a beauty of a through ball slicing through the tatters that is Argentine defence from the right all the way to the left. Rebic picks it up and he has got acres of space, he cuts in and tries to go for a curler aiming for the top right but the ball goes soaring above the cross bar. There was another Croatian player arriving scot-free from the right and so Rebic could have taken that option. 

00:16 (IST)22 JUN 2018
44 mins

For a team a that have an embarrasment riches going forward, Argentina have been strangely sterile in attack in this first half. They have managed just two shots of which one was the off-target effort made by Enzo Perez. 

00:11 (IST)22 JUN 2018
39 mins

Rebic stomps an Argentine player on the shin studs up and the referee gives him a yellow. That happened right in front of Jorge Sampaoli and he vigorously starts making rectangles in the air with his fingers. The referee did get a word from VAR in giving Rebic a yellow, Sampaoli wants to see red. It isn’t deemed as intentional. 

00:09 (IST)22 JUN 2018
37 mins

Mercado needs some attention after being clobbered on the rib-cage area by Rebic. It looks like he has got the wind knocked out of him but nothing serious. The resultant free kick is taken short by Messi and passed long to the left from where it is sent into the box, Aguero tries to get at the end of it but Subosic is first to it. 

00:06 (IST)22 JUN 2018
34 mins

Argentina are dominating possession but one gets the sense it is exactly what Croatia want them to do. Their porous defence is being exposed every time Croatia get to their final third. 

00:04 (IST)22 JUN 2018
30 mins

A cross into the box by Modric and Mandzukic is free as an eagle in the sky. He has to make a diving effort though and is unable to get to the cross. Argentina’s defending is comical. 

00:01 (IST)22 JUN 2018
29 mins

Enzo Perez misses an open net! Argentina manage to get the ball into the middle, Subosic is completely taken out. 

23:57 (IST)21 JUN 2018
23 mins

Some skill show from Rebic as he spins on the spot to make some space for Vrsaljko but the latter’s first touch is too heavy. Argentina looked as exposed as an open door on that occasion. Oh, and he is there today too, although the cigar has not come out of the pocket yet. 

(Source: AP)
23:52 (IST)21 JUN 2018
20 mins

Caballero makes a short pass to the centre-back in front of him despite Mario Mandzukic lurking in the box. Mandzukic puts the centre-back under pressure and the ball runs loose in the box, Modric rushing on to it but referee calls a foul on Mandzukic. 

23:50 (IST)21 JUN 2018
17 mins

Lionel Messi is pushed off to one side of the pitch as he tries to make it into the box but he comes back in and passes to Perez who goes down to a challenge. Argentina appeal but the referee says nothing doing before calling a foul against the 2014 finalists moments later. Argentine players are not a happy lot. 

23:45 (IST)21 JUN 2018
13 mins

Messi with a pass Meza who pulls it back to Savio from the left, the latter’s shot is blocked by Lovren. The corner comes to nothing. An open start to this match. 

23:43 (IST)21 JUN 2018
11 mins

Positive start from Croatia but that is also more because of Argentina’s tendency to fall asleep at the back. Argentina eventually manage to keep possession and the first chance of the match comes when Meza tries pass towards Messi from the left. Croatian keeper Subosic is first to it. 

23:37 (IST)21 JUN 2018
6 mins

Ivan Perisic is played in and he charges into the box down the left, he takes the shot towards the far post but Caballero brilliantly gets down to get his fingertips to it and put it out for a corner. 

23:32 (IST)21 JUN 2018

Croatia kick off the match. It truly is a galaxy of stars on the pitch with both sides possessing some well known names. Argentina are in their iconic Blue and whites while Croatia are wearing their second choice colours of black and red checks. 

23:28 (IST)21 JUN 2018
The last time Croatia played Argentina

Was in the 1998 World Cup. That was also the only time these two sides met in the history of the tournament. It was a dead rubber with both sides already through to the next round and Argentina won the match 1-0. 

23:21 (IST)21 JUN 2018
Lionel Messi’s redemption

Messi’s inability to convert a penalty was sandwiched between two virtuoso performances from Cristiano Ronaldo. This led to many declaring that Messi has lost his mojo and that he is more of a Barcelona player than an Argentina player. All that will be completely reversed if he manages to score a goal or two here. To be honest, calling him the only reason why Argentina did not win their opener against Iceland is rather insulting to the latter themselves. They hacked and hassled Messi whenever he got on the ball and it was certainly one of the best defensive performances you would ever see on a football pitch. 

So can Messi redeem himself today? He is certainly doing his best impersonation of Christ the Redeemer here. 

Messi the Redeemer? (Source: AP)
22:57 (IST)21 JUN 2018

As stated before Di Maria is on the bench for Argentina. Sporting Lisbon’s Marcos Acuna, River Plate’s Enzo Perez and Sevilla’s Gabriel Mercado all find a place in the team while Milan’s Lucas Biglia and Manchester United’s Marcos Rojo are also benched. 

22:56 (IST)21 JUN 2018

Argentina: Caballero, Mercado, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Salvio, Mascherano, Perez, Acuna, Messi, Aguero, Meza.Subs: Guzman, Ansaldi, Biglia, Fazio, Banega, Higuain, Di Maria, Rojo, Lo Celso, Dybala, Pavon, Armani.

Croatia: Subasic, Vrsaljko, Lovren, Vida, Strinic, Rakitic, Brozovic, Rebic, Modric, Perisic, Mandzukic.Subs: Livakovic, Corluka, Kovacic, Kramaric, Jedvaj, Bradaric, Caleta-Car, Badelj, Pjaca, Pivaric, Nikola Kalinic, Lovre Kalinic.

The match will be officiated by Uzbekistan’s Ravshan Irmatov.

22:37 (IST)21 JUN 2018
Hello and Welcome!

Argentina were harrowed and harassed into a 1-1 draw in their previous match by a spirited Iceland. Croatia, on the other hand, put up a rather sterile performance and still managed to beat Nigeria 2-0. A repeat of that performance, though, might not be good for them in this match as this is Argentina they are facing. They have not been able to get a system in place but have players who can change matches on their own at any given time. However, Jorge Sampaoli has made some surprising omissions in the team. There will be no Angel Di Maria or Ever Banega in the squad. 


Luka Modric, Luka Modric news, Luka Modric updates, FIFA World Cup 2018, sports news, football, Indian ExpressLuka Modric scored a second half penalty. (Source: Reuters)

Lionel Messi, it seems, can do only so much. Ahead of Thursday’s critical World Cup match against Croatia on the banks of the Volga River, Argentina coach Jorge Sampaoli tried to temper the expectations weighing on his star player.

“Leo shouldn’t shoulder all the responsibility,” Sampaoli said Wednesday. “He’s the best player in the world, but clearly it’s impossible that a single player completely changes the situation of a match.

“He’s always there to give you an extra element, but he can’t be held responsible for the defeat.”

Messi missed a penalty in Argentina’s 1-1 draw against Iceland in the opening group match. That slip has piled the pressure on Argentina to win the second game against Croatia, which defeated Nigeria 2-0 in its opener.

Messi turns 31 on Sunday, so this may be his last World Cup. Or at least the last in which he is widely viewed as the game’s top player.

“When you score with the Argentina jersey, we all take credit for it,” Sampaoli said. “But when Argentina loses, it’s all Leo’s fault. I think that’s quite unfair treatment. It’s a lot of pressure for a single player to stand. I have to say I feel responsible for that missed penalty.”