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BJP delivered injustice in 5 years: Rahul Gandhi


Jalore: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of doing “injustice” to the people of the country in the last five years, saying that the “acche din ayenge” slogan has now been replaced by “chowkidar chor hai”.

Mr Gandhi was addressing an election rally at Jalore in Marwar region of Rajasthan.

He said that there will be only one “Hindustan” where justice will be done when the Congress is voted to power.

“If rich people are not jailed for not paying off loans then farmers too will not be jailed. If lakhs and crores are given to them then the same will be given to farmers, labourers, tribals, dalits and small traders. There will be no injustice in Hindustan. The country will not be divided in two Hindustans. There will be one Hindustan where justice will be done,” the Congress president said.

“PM Narendra Modi did injustice with people of the country in the last five years. Demonetisation and GST were ways to rob poor, labourers, small traders of their money, Nyay scheme will benefit them,” he said.

He said that the Congress government will listen to people’s “mann ki baat” and run according to them. “Five years ago, there was a slogan ‘acche din ayenge’. Now people say ‘chowkidar chor hai’ everywhere in the country,” he said while addressing the rally here.

Gandhi said that the Congress had done brainstorming with eminent economists for the minimum income guarantee “Nyay” scheme to deposit `72,000 annually in individual bank accounts of 25 crores poor.