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BJP will better 2014 tally, says Rajnath Singh


New Delhi: Asserting that the “hope and expectation” from Prime Minister Narendra Modi that was there during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections has “turned into confidence and belief,” the BJP on Tuesday claimed it would win more parliamentary seats than it did in 2014.

Union home minister and senior leader Rajnath Singh said the Opposition camp has been claiming that it would be a non-NDA government that would come to power after May 23, Mr Singh said voters should not be kept in the dark in a healthy democracy as till today, it is “Modi vs Who.” He also said that the BJP could win 74 out of 80 parliamentary seats in Uttar Pradesh.

Taking on Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar’s justification for his “neech aadmi” jibe against Mr Modi, Mr Singh said that no Indian PM has been “abused” as much as him, and asked the Congress to respond on its leader’s comments. The Congress had suspended Mr Aiyar after his personal attack on Mr Modi but had revoked his suspension later.

“2014 was about Modi versus Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi. In 2019, it is Modi versus who? That is unknown… If they are claiming, they should say who would lead them. People should not be kept in the dark in a healthy democracy. The opposition should not play hide and seek,” said Mr Singh. He also took a swipe at the likely meeting of Opposition leaders, saying they are unable to elect a leader as they know that they will not get a majority.

Mr Singh said that the BJP has set a target of winning 74 of the state’s 80 seats in UP as though it earlier believed that the SP-BSP-RLD alliance could be effective but it has fizzled out.

Mr Singh also slammed the Congress for coining terms like “Hindu terror” and said all parties should stand together on such an issue.