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BJP’s Laxman fails to take up TRS’ Ram’s challenges


Hyderabad: In a fierce verbal fight that felt like an all-out political feud between TRS’ ‘Ram’ versus BJP’s ‘Laxman’, the latter is losing, and badly. Telangana BJP president Dr K. Laxman has been repeatedly unable to take on the ‘dares’ or accept the challenges thrown at him at TRS working president K.T. Rama Rao.

Dr Laxman is faltering on providing his allegations against the TRS, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, or Mr Rama Rao, and is only continuing on his shoot-and-run politics, with dismal results. The BJP’s Laxman is making wild allegations and ignoring the challenges of the TRS, repeatedly, even as the TRS’s Ram is winning round after round.

On the issue of suicide by several Intermediate students due to the irregularities in processing data and exam results, Dr Laxman, along with other BJP leaders, had alleged that Globarena Tech, the company which had been given the contract for preparing data belongs to the relatives of Mr Rama Rao’s. On this issue, Congress had alleged that the Globarena contract scam was worth Rs 10,000 crore.

After repeated allegations from the Opposition parties, Mr Rama Rao challenged them, including the BJP, to prove its allegations.

Mr Rama Rao said that the Opposition parties were needlessly and unfairly dragging him into this controversy. He clarified that the value of the works allotted to Globarena was Rs 4.3 crore, whereas the Opposition was making fictitious and groundless charges that it was an Rs 10,000-crore scam.

Instead of standing ground and proving his charges, Dr Laxman scooted to another issue — the Kaleshwaram project. BJP working president J.P. Nadda and Dr Laxman alleged huge corruption in the project. Reacting to the BJP’s allegation, the TRS working president again challenged the BJP leaders to prove their charges of corruption.

After the alleged Globarena and Kaleshwaram scams, Dr Laxman has taken up the issue of power purchases entered into by the Telangana state government.
Mr Devulapally Prabhakar Rao, CMD, Telangana Genco and Transco, responded with clarifications. He said that the NTPC and the BHEL were Central government public sector undertaking and if the BJP had doubt, they should get clarification from these central PSUs.

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had on Wednesday instructed all his Cabinet colleagues not to make any allegations against any opposition party or leaders without having documentary evidence.

“But BJP leaders are making allegations without having even a shred of evidence,” a senior TRS leader said.