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‘BJP’s victory not people’s win, victory of horse-trading,’ says Siddaramaiah


Bengaluru: Senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah on Saturday claimed that Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa took oath in an “unconstitutional way”, adding that BJP “misused” the office of the Governor.

Speaking to reporters here, Siddaramaiah said BJP does not have a majority in the Assembly, despite which Yediyurappa took oath as Chief Minister.

“BS Yediyurappa has taken oath in an unconstitutional way. They (BJP) have misused the office of the Governor. The strength of the house is 221. How much do they (BJP) have? They have 105.”

“What is the simple majority in 221 member assembly? It is 111. Do they have 111 with them? They have to give a list of 111 members, have they given the list?” he asked.

On being asked whether rebel MLAs are coming back to Bengaluru, Siddaramaiah said, “I do not know when they are coming back. Who has remanded them? If they had attended the vote of confidence, Kumaraswamy’s government would have survived.”

“BJP’s victory is not a people’s win. It is a victory of horse-trading,” he added.

Yediyurappa was sworn in three days after the fall of the Congress-JD(S) coalition government, bringing the state back under saffron rule yet again.

The new BJP government in Karnataka will seek a vote of confidence on July 29 in the state Assembly for which a session is being convened.