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1 The electrons pair that say with one atom and are not shared are called:
The temprature at which a gas liquefies under 1 atm of pressure is called the
3 One can ignore attractive forces and size effect in a gas at
4 Nucleophiles are:
5 Which one of the following acids is used in battery?
6 Elements with lowest first ionization energy are?
Pearl Chemical composition is:
Enthalpy is a/an:
 9.............. Bond is formed due to parallel overlapping of atomic orbital is:
10 In which one of the following ways would the PH value of aqueous be effected by dissolving solid ammonium chloride in it?

11 One can ignore attractive forces and size effect in a gase at:

12 Dry ice is
13 Atoms and molecules can either gain or lose electrons, forming charged particles called:

14 According to the Aufbau principle, the electrons are added first to orbitals

15 The cloud of charge that surrounds two or more nuclei is called..................... orbit:
16 Atoms can be evident by the use of electron microscope. field ionization microscope and:
17 Covalent compounds mostly exist in the form of:
18 Swedish chemist J. Berzelius determined:
19 Atoms and molecules can either gain or lose electrons, forming charged particles called:
20 Atoms and molecules can either gain or lose electrons, forming charged particles called:
21. The process used in dairies to separate cream from milk is:
22.Which of the following is not present in pure sugar?
23.Phosphorus finds important use in _____ industry.
24. Radio Carbon dating was discovered by:
25. Development of unpleasant smell and taste in oil and fat containing food items due to oxidation of atmospheric oxygen is called:
26. The element used for radiographic imaging:
27.An anti-oxidant often added to fat containing foods to prevent rancidity:
28.Which of the following insoluble in water?
29. An example of mineral acid:
30. The most abundant type of coal:
31.Pigments obtained from plants can be separated by:
32.Potassium permanganate is used to purify water. Which among the following properties of it helps in this action?
33.What type of reaction is in the digestion of food in human body?
34.Which of the following is called the ‘Mother of Pearl’?
35.Bleaching powder contains;
36.It is easily noticed the smell of the LPG gas because of which among the following?
37.Teflon, the tough and fire resistant polymer, containing the halogen:
38.Froth and foams are examples of the following:
39.The discomfort due to indigestion can be cured by taking:
40.Chemical properties mostly resemble those of :
41.If rubbing vinegar on the stung area of the skin gives relief, then the person has been stung by:
42.Which among the following qualities of iron is best based upon iron content?
43.Spoilage of potato chips is prevented by packing them in plastic bags in an atmosphere of:
44.Which among the following metal is used in railroad flares?
45.The process by which tea leaves are separated from prepared tea is called:
46.Who is regarded as father of modern chemistry ?
47.Which is not a type of elements ?
48.The term PVC used in the plastic industry stands for
49.Water drops are spherical because of ?
50.The aqueous solution of which acids is called Vinegar ?