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CPM got 10 lakh names off voter list: Oommen Chandy


Thiruvananthapuram: Senior Congress leader Oommen Chandy has come up with a serious allegation against the CPM leadership of removing a million voters from the electoral roll.

Mr Chandy said it was for the first time that the CPM was indulging in such massive sabotage of the electoral process.

During 2019 April there were 2.61 core voters as per final voters’ list. He wondered how come the rise was only 1.32 lakh voters compared to the statistics of 2016.

“From 2009 Lok Sabha to 2011 Assembly elections there was an increase of 12.88 lakh voters. Similarly, from 2011 Assembly elections to 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the increase was of 11.04 lakh voters. Also from 2014 Lok Sabha to 2016 Assembly elections, there was an addition of 17.5 lakh voters,” he said.

He also added that deputy tahsildars of 77 taluks were instrumental in adding and deleting voters. Out of that, 74 were attached to the Left unions who ensured deletion of 10 lakh UDF voters, the two-time chief minister alleged.