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How can one prepare for state PSC exams in a short span of time?


A lot of people are attending regular PSC coaching classes while many are preparing themselves from their homes. Even though you’re going to these extra tuition, you should be applying some extra memory tricks and study methods.

Make sure you read these tips before applying for PSC examination.

Best PSC Exam Preparation Tips.

  1. Time management is something really important. Know the time limit. Make sure you practice as many mock tests as possible before you go for the examination. Trying to read the question paper entirely first of all is a foolish move. Answer questions on the flow.
  2. Give equal importance to all the subjects. Because questions can be asked from every corner of the topic.
  3. Go through previous question papers.
  4. Beware of minus marks. If you’re not really sure about the answer, it’s suggested that you don’t write it.
  5. Don’t think your regional language section would be easy. Make sure you check your language efficiency and practice writing and speaking skills.
  6. For the general English section, get a simple grammar book and go through it.
  7. You can also use old English textbooks.
  8. Build a habit of reading English news papers.
  9. Listening to the news is also a good idea. This could also improve your General Knowledge.
  10. Consume good and nutritious foods.
  11. Drink a lot of water. Your body should be always hydrated.
  12. Raw vegetables and fresh fruits are also a good fuel to your brain.
  13. Make sure you get enough sleep. A minimum of 6 hours of sleep is required.
  14. Your body also requires muscle and physical activities. So don’t just sit there. Walk, move.
  15. Taking part in fun activities in between is also a good idea.
  16. The right food intake will help you to do arithmetic and mental ability section like a pro.
  17. Read yearbooks.
  18. Memorize long topics as stories or songs.
  19. Repeat the chain of ideas in your mind again and again.
  20. If you’re going to PSC coaching classes, record the audio and hear it later.
  21. Meditating and practicing deep breathing exercises will help you to concentrate.
  22. Always be confident.
  23. Avoid smoking, drinking and all sorts of drugs at all costs.
  24. Keep focused.
  25. Believe that you can do it.