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International Yoga Day 2018: 4 asanas that will rejuvenate your body in just few minutes


When talking about Yoga, people usually tend to think about strengthening concentration through meditation but we all know that Yoga is not just limited to strengthening the mind, it also has a lot of things to offer which also involves making our body stronger.

Yoga exercises to regain concentration through meditation is already a known thing to talk about, so today let’s take a look at some of the Yoga exercises (Yoga asanas) which will rejuvenate our body and fill us with full of physical strength in just few minutes.

Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation)

This is one of the most common and most famous asanas in Yoga. It is also a primary exercise to do before beginning a Yoga session. By doing this asana you can achieve a lot energy in your body. Yes, since this asana works on every muscle of your body and includes stretching and relaxation of the whole body, it gives you an immense amount of energy which rejuvenates your body in few minutes.

This asana includes a total of twelve different body poses which are performed one by one in a certain order to complete a single Surya Namaskar. One needs to be careful while doing this asana as an inappropriate number of Surya Namaskars will be tiring for the body and your body will not gain enough energy.

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Tadasana (The Palm tree pose)

It is one of the easiest asanas of Yoga to learn and it is also considered to provide maximum benefits to body than any other asana. This asana requires stretching of the whole body in upward direction, thereby stretching each and every muscle of the body. This asana helps in circulation of energy throughout the body as soon as it is performed and helps to revive physical strength.

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Chakrasana (The wheel pose)

It is one of the toughest asanas of Yoga to perform and since it is not a primary asana, one can start doing it only after gaining some experience in Yoga training. Chakrasana can be performed easily after learning some other primary asanas which makes one’s body more flexible.  But once you are able to perform this asana, you will be able to fill your body with a lot of physical strength in a matter of just few minutes.

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Dhanurasana (The bow pose)

As the name suggests, this asana is performed while making a shape of a bow with the body. It can be learned after a little practice it will help in gaining a lot of energy in the body in just few minutes. This asana also involves stretching of every muscle of the body but in a different pose.

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