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iREEL Awards 2019: ‘Omnipresent’ Radhika Apte is Breakthrough Artiste of the Year


Radhika Apte may be competing with some of the biggest names at the Emmy Awards now that she has been nominated in the Best Actress category for her performance in Netflix’s Lust Stories, but for the Indian audience, she has already won the crown.

As RAW officer Anjali in Sacred Games, as Nida Rahim, a trainee soldier at the National Protection Squad’s Academy, in Ghoul who goes to search for truth only to be forced into a battle of survival, and as Kalindi in the first short of Lust Stories, the college professor who is in a long-distance marriage and forms a sexual relationship with her student Tejas and eventually turns into an obsessive stalker- Apte manages to fit into the diverse roles, seamlessly. Her performance in each of them is electrifying, to say the least.

There couldn’t be a more obvious choice when it came to choosing the Breakthrough Artiste at News18’s iReel Awards 2019, which celebrates the best in Indian web content. She is undoubtedly a powerhouse of talent, but Apte is also brave. In an industry where it’s easy to play by the rules, Apte not only challenged those traditional ideas, she bent them and broke them down, one performance at a time.

Apte is, in fact, that rarity – an Indian actress who is equally successful across the independent, commercial and international sectors. Despite being a popular face in the mainstream, the actress was not shy of taking up roles on the digital platform even though her character wasn’t always the protagonist. Apte showed that the size of the role is as irrelevant as the medium.