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Is Work From Home the New Normal?


Work from home is not a new thing to the IT world. But it was used in case of emergencies or unavodable circumstances. But with the arrival of Covid, the majority of the whole world has gone into lockdown which made work from home mainstream. Professionals took a while to get adjusted to the situation where they could not even move from their seats. With passage of 2 months, companies are seeing the work productivity increasing and also seeing a real possibility of reduction in costs.

Companies like TCS are bringing work from home as the new normal by announcing that by 2025, majority of their employees will work from home. So what made TCS take this decision? The speed provided by wired home broadband has been similar to the one provided at office. The time saved by employees which would have been lost during transportation to and fro from the offices reflected in their productivity. The decision making power of professionals increased since during calls, only the most important things were discussed to arrive at a conclusion.

This does not mean that offices would disappear overnight. The adoption of cloud based computing already helped many firms in seamless migration to work from home. Shared workplaces will become mainstream as time moves on as firms needs to take only 3-4 conference rooms, that too prior to meetings and thus save real estate costs. Even congested cities can be avoided and tier-1 or tier-2 towns selected for office space.

So the post-covid world is getting interesting day by day as the old world order is getting decimated. TCS has already taken the lead.