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‘Jagan Mohan Reddy acting like a psycho,’ says Chandrababu Naidu


Visakhapatnam: TDP chief and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu reviewed the party position in the district during his two-day visit to Visakhapatnam and stated that the TDP during its term made Andhra Pradesh number one state in infrastructure development.

“I have come to Visakhapatnam for the first time after the elections. Party will always stand with those who struggle for it. During the TDP regime, we worked hard and kept the welfare of the public in mind. We made Andhra Pradesh number one in infrastructure development. We interlinked rivers in the state so that all reservoirs would be filled,” said Naidu during a press meeting on Friday.

Naidu further stated that during the TDP regime the party developed a plan to provide water for the Rayalaseema region in Andhra Pradesh, which is infamous for drought. On the sharing of water, Chief Ministers of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are acting in a manner that is detrimental to the states, he said.

“The YSRCP government went for reverse tendering of Polavaram project and claimed it saved Rs 750 crore. But in reality, it will cause a loss of Rs 7,500 crore. Similarly, the YSRCP government sand policy kept 30 lakh families from celebrating Dussehra,” said Naidu.

TDP chief further stated that the YSRCP government is implementing anti-people policies. Unnecessary and illegal cases are being filed against leaders of other parties and even the police are creating unnecessary problems. “I am good for the people who are good to me, but Jagan is acting like a psycho,” he added.

“The YSRCP rule is extremely bad. Party leaders are collecting “J Tax” (Jagan tax). I saw many Chief Ministers but I have never seen a Chief Minister like him. The law should be the same for all. I warn the government to change its arrogant attitude. The government is targeting our party leaders. That is not fair,” said Naidu.