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Katrina Kaif leans on Salman Khan again?


Katrina has never looked better. In all her recent films she looks like a diva and has the poise to make the audience gasp each time she strides across the screen. She has also been working on improving her Hindi language and diction.

Sadly both her big films of 2018, Thugs Of Hindostan and Zero were flops. It’s still a mystery why she agreed to do these films since her roles in both films weren’t substantial. Even more baffling is her decision to opt out of ABCD 3, which she had bagged alongside the saleable Varun Dhawan.

Now, she only has Salman Khan’s Bharat, a role she picked up when original choice, Priyanka Chopra walked out suddenly. Apparently, Salman called and said he wanted Katrina to step in. And Bhai gets what he wants.

One wonders if Katrina is back to leaning on Salman, her mentor and saviour? I remember how protective Salman was about Katrina when he called up angrily after the release of Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya to complain about something I wrote about Katrina in the film. “You can forget about meeting her,” Salman chided me!

Thankfully, Katrina takes her own decisions. But friends of the actress say that the independence of will is not serving her interests well. According to a close friend of Salman, “Bhai advised her against doing both Zero and Thugs of Hindostan. These had been offered to Bhai and he knew her role was minuscule in both. She didn’t listen to him.”

But after both films failed, sources say, Salman is back to give her career advice.