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Medi Honey, a unique blend of honey, trikatu & other herbal ingredients formulated in strict accordance with the prescriptions described in Ayurveda, serves as a natural solution to a healthy and fat free future. Packed with amino acids, vitamins & minerals, the product regulates metabolism taking place in the body, digesting excessive fat in the process & converting it into energy. Trikatu (or ‘Three Spices’ in Sanskrit), the go-to Ayurvedic mixture for eliminating obesity is a combination of three unique herbs; chukku (dry ginger), kurumulaku (pepper) & thippaly (long pepper).

For preparing 200g of Medi Honey, 10 grams each of the 3 individual components of Trikatu & 10g of Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) are collected, separately cleaned of any impurities & allowed to dry. Next step is to powder these components in a pulveriser. The powder thus obtained is then sieved, tested & finally mixed with pure honey to be later stored in air-tight containers for 21 days.

Health Benefits & Varying Uses
  • Trikatu stimulates liver to produce enzymes, enhances digestion & metabolism. It also reduces cholesterol levels, is useful in skin diseases, running nose, allergic rhinitis, anorexia & indigestion. It is useful in diabetes, abdominal tumour, bloating & throat infection.
  • Individually, the herb Thippaly or Pippali is ideal for treating hepatomegaly & splenomegaly. Kurumulaku or Black Pepper has excellent anti-microbial qualities.
  • Honey drinking mixes are used worldwide for weight reduction & fitness maintenance.
  • The mix finds application as an energizer & supplement of vitamins & minerals.

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