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Mystic Mantra: All you need is common sense!


Conflicts between communities and religions result in various questions arising in the mind. Despite the awareness that all religions teach the same thing, we are painfully aware of the differences and divisions. Without taking recourse to any religious theology, ideology or philosophy let us think of the simple truth, of the underlying oneness and harmony.

The various experiences of life show that we want to live happily, collectively and together. A little thinking on the subject shows that the only thing required for this is common sense! To apply or use common sense in life, we do not have to belong to any particular philosophy or religion. Speaking on this rare phenomenon, Swami Vivekananda opined, “Common sense is the most uncommon thing in this world!”

Also remember that — if we do what we need to do, then one day we will be able to do what we want to do. Our minds are confused because we want to do multiple things. We are unable to achieve great things because we shirk at even our simple, obligatory duties assigned to us. We are unable to perform properly and on time, even those duties regarding which there is no confusion. So, when difficulties come, we are confused and do not understand what to do. Vedanta sums it up by saying, “Avichara krito bandha vicharane nivartate” (All our bondage and suffering is caused by lack of right thinking).