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Rahul Gandhi Hits Out at PM Modi Over Odisha Man’s 1,300 Km Protest Walk

Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, June 18: Congress president Rahul Gandhi yet again attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and blamed him for the death of people in Rourkela. Quoting a news report of an Odisha man, Muktikant Biswal, who had walked a distance of over 1,300 km to remind PM Modi of his promises, the Congress president said,”The PM promised Rourkela a multi speciality hospital three years ago. Now, Muktikant Biswal has walked 1,300 Km to Delhi because the PM hasn’t kept his promise and people are dying. I assure Mr Biswal: the people of India & the Congress party will keep the PM’s promise for him.”

Reacting to Rahul’s tweet, Senior BJP leader DharmendraPradhan at a press meet said, “He says many things about Shikanji, McDonald’s and what not. He does not know what he is saying”.

Muktikant Biswal, an idol-maker by profession set on the journey from Odisha on foot on April 16 by carrying a national flag. He walked a distance of 1,350 km to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and remind him of his promises. The man claimed that the people in his village, are still waiting for better medical and infrastructure facilities.

Biswal asserted that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited Odisha in 2015, he had assured them to upgrade the Ispat General Hospital to a super speciality hospital and to complete the construction of the Brahmani Bridge, but nothing has been done till today.