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Rahul Gandhi Moves On From Economists, Chats With Two Big-name Health Experts Amid Covid


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is all set to broadcast his pre-recorded virtual conversation on the COVID-19 crisis with two leading health experts at 10 am on Wednesday. Taking to his Twitter, Rahul Gandhi revealed that he had held an interaction with Professor Ashish Jha from the Harvard University and Professor Johan Giesecke from the Karolinska Institute, Sweden over the COVID pandemic. His virtual interaction will be broadcasted from all his social media at 10 am.

This comes shortly after Rahul Gandhi’s video-conference yesterday where he evaded responsibility for the growing COVID crisis in Maharashtra, distancing himself from the Uddhav Thackeray-led state government. He has previously spoken to two economists – Raghuram Rajan and Abhijit Banerjee.

What is your plan B?’

On Tuesday, shortly after his broadcast, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi issued a statement asking Centre what their ‘plan B’ is to tackle the pandemic in the country. He claimed that the lockdown imposed by the Centre 60 days ago ‘has not been able to defeat the virus’ and that PM Modi and his advisors had ‘underestimated’ the scale of the pandemic, asking the Centre what their ‘plan B’ was now that the lockdown had failed.

“I want to ask the government with utmost humility and in a completely non-partisan manner, what is the Government’s plan to tackle this growing crisis? It is now clear that 4 stages of lockdown haven’t delivered results that were anticipated. What is the government’s plan B?”, read the letter adding that there were ‘many critical questions that the government was not providing answers to.’