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Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2018 — The Most Epic Royal Enfield Trip For The Enthusiasts

Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2018 set to commence on 5th July 2018. The 15th edition of the epic motorcycle ride will witness 70 participants (50 men, 30 women) covering a distance of over 2400 kilometres. The ride will be flagged off from The India Gate, New Delhi and will advance to Khardung La; a location 17,500 feet above sea level. The 18-day ride will end on 22nd July.


Here are some important things to know about the North India ride! Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2018 – Registration & Cost The registrations for the 2018 Himalayan Odyssey has already begun on Royal Enfield’s official website. The registration is divided into two categories: Himalayan Odyssey Men and Himalayan Odyssey Women.

Below are the registration fees: Himalayan Odyssey Men Individual – Rs 48,000 Couple – Rs 96,000 Himalayan Odyssey Women Individual – Rs 42,000 Couple – Rs 84,000 *The registration is strictly limited to 50 men and 30 women and is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2018 — Details To Know About The Most Epic Royal Enfield Ride

Royal Enfield has shared a detailed itinerary for this year’s Himalayan Odyssey. The trip has been carefully sectioned to pass through somechallenging, yet breathtaking routes in India.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2018 — Details To Know About The Most Epic Royal Enfield RideThe total travel distance stands at 2409 kilometres.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2018 – Things To Know

If you are planning to participate in this year’s Himalayan Odyssey, here are some things you should know: Stay and food will be arranged at only select locations. Riders have to individually pay for fuel. The trip will test the capabilties of both the motorcycle and the rider to the limits. Royal Enfield recommends a good fitness training prior to the ride. The participants should have a valid rider’s licence. In the event of a mid-way cancellation, only the registration fee will be refunded; conditions apply. No refunds can be made during unlikely situations such as riot, natural disaster, national disputes etc.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2018 – Documents Required

Being an official event, the participants are required to carry all the necessary documents required by the trip coordinators. Here’s what you should have: Passport-size photograph Medical history by self & a doctor Driving/riding licence Vehicle documents (registration, tax, PUC & insurance papers) High-Risk Mediclaim Policy Indemnity Bond TMT (Treadmill Test) Report Passport for Non-Indian participants *The documents should be submitted before 8th June 2018.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2018 – Service & Maintenance

The 2400-kilometre ride will stress out the motorcycle parts and components to a good extent. In addition to this, the route advances through many rural areas of extremely low population. So, in case a rider faces difficulties with his/her motorcycle, getting it fixed is going to be a challenge.

To help prevent this, Royal Enfield will be providing a Service Backup – a team of mechanics travelling with the riders. If required, the participants can contact the team to check their motorcycle, for a specified charge.

Royal Enfield also recommends to carry the following spare parts: Set of tyre tubes A pair of spark plugs Throttle & clutch cable OEM toolkit Luggage under 15kgs

Thoughts On Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2018

The Himalayan Odyssey is an ultimate trip for all Royal Enfield enthusiasts. The challenging terrain, scenic landscapes and beautiful cultures of North India will provide a memorable experience for all the participants.