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Medi Honey is a unique blend of pharma-grade pure honey along with herbal medicaments, presented as ready-to-use drink mix for maintaining healthy weight. For Centuries, Honey and Trikatu has been recommended and used for the reduction of body weight. The most effective and powerful combination which is derived by “Sandhana & Kalka” kalpanas is Medi Honey, an effective way to maintain healthy weight and solution to reduce excess body weight, body size and fatty accumulation which leads to obesity.

Medi Honey is prepared in accordance to “Sandhana Kalpana” of Ayurveda by keeping pure, clinically proved pharma grade honey along with therapeutic grade of Trikatu (super than food grade) in Iron vessel for 21 days. This unique blend of honey after filtration mixed with Ayurvedic medicaments, ground well to make a uniform mix under “Kalka Kalpana Vidhi” of Ayurveda. This homogeneous mixture of honey and medicine is packed in bottles. This can be used as a ready-to-drink Ayurvedic Honey mix for Healthy weight.Even in Diabetic patients can also use Medi Honey. Since its dosage is 1 spoon daily. Calorie consumption of Medi honey is approximately 24 cal and Amla is one of the ingredient of Medi honey, which is a medicine for diabetic