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Travel to the Longest Man-Made Dam



Hirakud is a small town situated in Sambalpur district of Indian state Odisha. This place is very much popular in all over the world because of the Hirakud Dam. Hirakud Dam was created to produce hydroelectric power, Hirakud Dam is the largest manmade artificial lake in Asia and also it is the longest and largest dams in the world. Hirakud Dam was constructed on the biggest river of Odisha ‘Mahanadi’ between the Gandhi Minar in North and the Nehru Minar in the South. The shoreline spans around 640 km, Burla power house present with generating capacity of 290MW present at the base of Hirakud Dam.

After the construction of Hirakud Dam in Hirakud the local area develops a lot, many small and big companies are stated here those helps in development of local infrastructure. These is the best quality transportation services are available, the Hirakud Railway Station is located nearby across the river Mahanadi. Buses provide service in different parts of the Hirakud and Highway 6 is also nearby Hirakud, so these is all kinds of public and private transportation facilities are available in this place.

Also good transportation system is very much required here, due to thousands of tourist from different locations of the state Odisha and country India are coming to visit the natural beauty of this place and manmade Hirakud Dam.

The Hirakud Dam with the channel provides best environment for wildlife. For the development of wild animals Hirakud Dam provides ideal conditions, so the Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary is located here in which thousands of species are leaving. Many species of migratory birds visit the reservoir during winter for a better atmosphere. Nearly 20-25 species of birds are seen in the reservoir. Some common birds are common pochard, red-crested pochard, great crested grebe and several others.

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