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WhatsApp will soon allow iPhone users to preview voice messages before sending



  • WhatsApp is working on a new feature for its iOS-based app.
  • The new feature would allow WhatsApp users to preview voice messages.
  • The preview voice messages feature is still under development.

WhatsApp is working on adding a number of new features to its platform. Dark mode, ignore archived chats, in-app browser and frequently forwarded messages are some of the features that are at works at WhatsApp. And now reports of a new feature that is in works especially for WhatsApp’s iPhone users have surfaced on social media.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, the blog that tracks developments in the social messaging app, WhatsApp is working on a new feature that would allow the users of its iOS-based app to preview the voice messages before sending. As of now, WhatsApp users can preview videos and images before they share them with their friends and family. But there is no way to preview voice messages within the app.

Now, the Facebook-owned social messaging app is working on a new feature wherein iPhone users will be able to preview their voice messages in the push notification window. This would perhaps allow them to determine if the voice message that they have recorded has been recorded correctly and if they want to send the message or not.

Notably, this feature, as per the blog, is still in the developmental phase, which means that if you are an iPhone user using the beta version of WhatsApp’s iPhone based app, you probably still cannot use it. However, the feature is likely to be available to the iPhone users in a future update, probably coupled with another major feature coming to WhatsApp for iOS. Now, Apple is expected to roll out the iOS 13 in September this year. iOS 13 among other things is also going to feature the dark mode. So it is possible that WhatsApp rolls out the voice message preview feature along with other features such as dark mode along with the roll out iOS 13.

Separately, WhatsApp recently rolled out a new feature on to its iOS-based app, which allowed the iPhone users to preview the stickers in the notification window. Previously, WhatsApp displayed a heart-shaped emoji instead of the sticker in the notification window. This forced the WhatsApp users to open the message within the app to see the actual message.